Time/Races are alike, there is always another one

Well it is NYE. I normally would have started this day with a good run so I could partake in good food and beverages this evening. But this year I am doing it in reverse. My run will be tonight! That’s right. The Beat the Ball. The 5k will begin at 11:35 and runners will have 25 minutes to run the 3.1 miles. I must say, I have not run that fast in a few years. But it is possible with the amount of energy that the end of one year and the start of another can bring.

This is not how I thought I would be celebrating. The past few years have included a fire place, favorites cocktails, and a wonderful homemade meal. But things change.

Change isn’t necessarily bad. It just is. Maybe I could relate tonight’s race to a new year. Some years are great, as are some runs. Other years are hard, wonder how to get through them and want to be anywhere else, like some races can be. I do think they are similar. There is always another year and there is always another race. You, have control over how each can turn out. Attitude is a big part in overcoming both. Also preparation. Did you do everything to get yourself ready for the challenge? Did you practice? Did you stretch? Then also reflection. What about the race/year went well? What would you change? Keep the same?

Maybe I am stretching the symbolism here. But however your year went, I hope you learned some things from it, have some great memories, and feel more prepared for the next one.

Surround yourself tonight with people who are special. I will be ringing in or should I say “running in” 2012 with one of my oldest and dearest friends.

Happy New Year!





I have been asked on many occasions how I manage to remember lyrics to songs. I would have to attribute it to my iPod. When I hear a song I like on the radio, I gotta have it. I immediately download it and then play the hell out of it during my workouts. Repeat, repeat, repeat. I pick a song for one of two reasons:
1. The beat
2. The lyrics

I will run to the track over and over again until I memorize it. These songs are key to my training because they can work as a nitrous button to my engine. I usually put songs like these as the starting and ending tracks to my race mix.

Some favorites these days include:
ABC/Jackson 5
Breakin’ Dishes/Rihanna
Country Girl/Luke Bryan
California Soul/Marlena Shaw
Lonely Boy/The Black Keys

Happy running.


You can do input your A$$ in to it

Well today it was back to the the long runs. I was shuffling through the playlist to find the perfect song. I needed something to get me going. I was close to my halfway point and needed a little surge. Then, there it was “Ice Cube Baby, 99 Baby,” PERFECT. Who can’t move their body fast to that? It took all I had not to bust out some moves on the boardwalk. Instead I upped the tempo. Dodging and weaving through the other pedestrian traffic. I began “putting my back into it.” The last half I even managed to run faster the the first half. Great conditions for a run. Lower 50’s and sunny. Boardwalk and beach were full of other adventure seekers. I put in a good solid 7.

Nothing like a little hip hop to get ya going.

Keeping your body in motion

Lasagna, Bud Light Select, coffee, Moscato, breakfast casserole, Moscato, antipasti platter, prime rib, potatoes, Bud Light Select, gourmet chocolates

Didn’t quite run enough to balance out the diet of the 24 hours before, but logged a couple miles at a fast clip. Keeping my body in motion was the most important thing. I will continue to enjoy the next several days of holiday vacation and will continue my running. Having the next week off, I look forward to getting my mileage in leisurely.

Ambition for the week: my runs will not be rushed and may be longer than my normal weekday workouts.

Looking forward to the Beat the Ball 5k on New Year’s Eve (http://www.facebook.com/events/193538927368181/)



Christmas List

Another beautiful run at the Oceanfront today. BEAUTIFUL! If I was to make a Christmas list, I think it would include the following. Sunshine, sand, great food, great company. I believe I got all of those things today. A great run on the sand with my cousin Kelsey and a wonderful lunch from one of my favorite delis at the beach! We even had some good rays of sunshine this morning before the day turned cloudy. Remember the reason for the season and remember the reason you run. Whatever the reason is for you, don’t ever forget the joy of it. Also remember the joy of the season.

It’s A Beautiful Day

Yesterday was not my “scheduled” work out day, but I seized the moment. It was 60 degrees in December at the oceanfront! It was beautiful. I bypassed the boardwalk all together and went straight for the sand. It was low tide and the beach was wide. The weather and the scenery was a nice reminder of why I fell in love with this city. I need to remember that feeling the next time I feel this city has beaten me up.

I found myself running very childlike. Almost skipping and jumping. I even drew messages in the sand. Hoping the waves would come in to shore and grab my wishes. Somehow I felt that if they were sent out to sea they may be more likely to come true. It was a beautiful day!

(Below is a link to an article this morning about running groups)





Rain, Rain, Go Away

Well, I had every intention of getting up early today and running my 3 miles. Little did I know how much I would need that run as the day went on. Unfortunately, I awoke to the sound of rain. I couldn’t do it. Instead I settled for an extra cup of coffee in bed and Matt Lauer (not in bed, but on TV). (http://today.msnbc.msn.com/)

When I miss one of my weekly runs, a few thoughts go through my head. Guilt and disappointment, or…I could forget about it and realize life is too short to beat myself up that much over missing a workout. So I went with the later.

The day started great (except for the rain). I began by volunteering at an elementary ( http://www.rif.org/) . I was given the privilege of hearing a second grade class sing me Christmas Carols.

Then back to the office to sort out an advertising dispute…(still raining) this is when I wished I had gotten my run in. STRESS RELIEF needed here.

But the day ended nicely with a holiday get together and several glasses of wine! (still raining, but not bothering me as much for some reason)

Running will resume later in the week as usual.