The Voice

Every year around this time, I begin to hear the VOICE. Usually it says the same thing to me. “Shamrock 8k is around the corner.” Not much effort on my part, I sign up and run the race without much preparation. This ritual of completing the 8k, followed by breakfast at Mary’s, has occurred for 15 years. This year, the message from the voice was distinctly different.

Sometime earlier this fall, I began to hear a voice calling to me from within. The voice was pushing me and urging me to run the half marathon. The past few years I have fought several injuries and fatigue. Even though I never stopped running, I started to accept the fact that I just wouldn’t be able to run like I used to. But then, the voice. It wouldn’t stop. I ran a few 10ks earlier in the fall and felt pretty good, better than I expected. Then, I figured after running those with no significant battle wounds, I could run twice that far. The voice was louder and more clear. “You are ready to run.”

14 weeks and counting. That is the thing with time, it doesn’t stop. 14 weeks is how long until the Shamrock Sportsfest here in Virginia Beach. This will be the 40th year of the event. I look forward to this event every year. Last year at the Shamrock, I was able to witness my cousin run her first 8k. She was 15 years old. Around the age of when I ran my first Shamrock. Now she has completed several 5k’s and 10k’s. She must hear the voice also.

Thousands of runners everywhere must hear the voice. How else can you explain the urge to run for extended amounts of time like we do?

That is how I came to be here. 8 miles completed yesterday I am well on my way to completing the Shamrock Half Marathon on March 18th. This will be my 4th half marathon, but the 1st at the Shamrock. I am excited about this challenge!




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