Take Notice

When I run, I wonder if anyone is ever taking notice of me. Maybe someone is thinking “Wow, look at that girl running even though it is so cold out.” Or maybe “Gosh, that girl is really slow.” At least I am out there doing something. LOL

Tonight I couldn’t help but take notice of all the people and things I was passing. Of course the boardwalk Christmas lights were coming on. I noticed a boat directly offshore. I noticed bottle caps and cigarette butts on the ground. I noticed some tourists admiring the views from their hotel. Also, dozens of other runners. I took notice of them, and nodded in respect. I noticed the lyrics in my iPod soundtrack as well. Flo Rida, Good Feeling was blasting. Perfect track for the moderately paced run, 3 miles. I have listened to this song several times before and missed the symbolism in the first line. Positive lyrics start with “Yes, I can !”

As you run, take notice of what is around you. Find the fun in your surroundings and your environment.




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