You can do input your A$$ in to it

Well today it was back to the the long runs. I was shuffling through the playlist to find the perfect song. I needed something to get me going. I was close to my halfway point and needed a little surge. Then, there it was “Ice Cube Baby, 99 Baby,” PERFECT. Who can’t move their body fast to that? It took all I had not to bust out some moves on the boardwalk. Instead I upped the tempo. Dodging and weaving through the other pedestrian traffic. I began “putting my back into it.” The last half I even managed to run faster the the first half. Great conditions for a run. Lower 50’s and sunny. Boardwalk and beach were full of other adventure seekers. I put in a good solid 7.

Nothing like a little hip hop to get ya going.

2 thoughts on “You can do input your A$$ in to it

  1. Hello Jessica, this is your cousin Dickie. I just got the link to your blog and have signed up to get your updates. I love it! I think I am all better from my AFIB now and am starting a training program for a Mar. 18 1/2 marathon. (today I ran my longest since my Afib – 10 miles in 1hr 53 min). Depending on how training goes, I would like to try my first full marathon “the Flying Pig” in Cincinnati in May.

    Glad to hear that Kelsey is also running. Love the blog.



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