Beat the ball…

I think this may have been one of my favorite New Year’s yet. The weather was nice. Lower 50’s, clear, stars beaming, and a large low half moon. If that wasn’t enough the skyline was lite up with the city buildings cross the water in Norfolk.

There was a large double sided tv set up at the start/finish line with live streaming video of Times Square. There was even a father time on hand to kick off the race and everything. He rode in the pace car, so we literally were chasing time.

We got our place at the start, complete with complimentary glow sticks and all. The horn went off and everyone went out in a full sprint. It was so fun! The sprint lasted for the entire race. It was a neat twist trying to beat the clock counting down, instead of running for time. As I ran/ sprinted for the 3.1 miles, I realized something. I wasn’t running away from 2011, but into 2012. I am excited about the opportunity and adventures the New Year will bring. I didn’t manage to beat the ball (25 minutes), but I did beat myself. I ran an impressive 26:40. It was awesome!!!

And as I drove home that night, the song on the radio was Beyonce, “Run the World(Girls)”. How perfect.








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