8k Playlist

I have had several people request to either borrow my iPod for a race or for me to create a playlist for them. I was recently asked to make a training playlist for an upcoming race. The only request was that I use some songs that make you want to get “pumped up”. I guess that my music acumen has been revealed. To me, the music you chose to listen to should make you want to stop dead in your tracks and bust a groove! This particular playlist is being created as I watch an interview with Steven Tyler, lead singer for Aerosmith. This is quite ironic as he usually makes an appearance in many of my mixes. I am very strategic when making the list. I take into account several factors when putting songs together such as the following: run distance, where the run will occur, weather, and what is the race goal. The following playlist was created for a girl who is running an 8k, in March, at the Oceanfront. This list wasn’t created for me, but I do think I will use it in some training runs in the near future.
The following is meant to be enjoyed in this particular order. I hope you can enjoy these tracks as well. Happy running. (disclaimer, sorry for any offensive language)
1 Dream On-Aerosmith (good to get you in the running frame of mind-this song is perfect for beginning or ending a run, really take in the words)
2 I Just Wanna Live-Good Charlotte (this song makes you take on the persona of a badass)
3 ABC-Jackson 5
4 Breakin’ Dishes-Rihanna
5 Dirty Style-DaCav5
6 Good Feeling-Flo Rida
7 In da Club-50 Cent (first few words are-go, go, go)
8 Shake Ya Tail Feather-Murphy Lee,Nelly and P Diddy (makes you want to shake everything, I have had this song on my lists for years)
9 International Love-Pitbull (it’s Pitbull !!!)
10 Whip My Hair-Willow
11 You Can Do It-Ice Cube
12 Buzzin-50 Cent (can’t help but have 50 twice, this beat has a great tempo to keep speed up)
13 Thriller/Heads Will Roll-Glee Cast
14 Everybody Talks-Neon Trees (give everyone something to talk about)
15 Back In Black-AC/DC (no surprise this song is in tons of sports movies)
16 In For The Kill-La Roux (you are in the run now, kill it!)
17 Super Bass-Nicki Minaj (this is the part of the list where you begin to quicken the pace and bring it home)
18 Blackout-Breathe Carolina (appropriate song to help you remember to breathe)
19 Into The Ocean-Blue October
20 Love Roller Coaster-Ohio Players or the version by the Red Hot Chili Peppers (great song to finish any race or workout, SPRINT)




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