Pavement ponders

Do you ever replay scenarios in your head as you run…
I sat inside my condo yesterday looking out my window, I noticed my middle-aged female neighbor had a severely flat tire. This particular neighbor has never spoke to me. You know the kind, every time I go to wave or say hello, she looks down. It makes me wonder: Is she shy? Does she think I am a bad neighbor because I leave my trash cans out an extra day? As I gazed out of my window, I noticed her getting into her vehicle. The elderly man who lives with her, maybe her father, was trying to tell her about her flat tire. The tire was very flat and I think he was concerned for her, safety. She was very abrupt with him and quite dismissive. She did not seem to want to deal with the problem. She continued to get into her car and attempted to drive away. At this point, I had to walk away from the window. I began thinking, what if she breaks down, gets into an accident, or the tire blows off and hits another motorist. Was it my place to speak up? Or was it simply none of my business.
When is it my business to speak up. Being raised to be a strong, single female in this era, I am proud of my bold and sometimes outspoken personality. But when is it not appropriate to get involved? What if it was a woman and man and they were arguing? Then can I say something? Or what if it were children locked in the car with no supervision. Then would it be appropriate? I have been accused of being too outspoken at times. This outspoken personality helped me have a great career and helped me become a self-sufficient provider for myself. I always thought these were qualities to be admired.
When do our flaws become our strengths?
Happy running and thinking




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