I Couldn’t Wait

After nearly 2 weeks without a run, I hit the streets again today. My gym (the Virginia Beach Boardwalk) had finally reopened. I say that jokingly of course.  It really was open all along, but with the nasty conditions lately(those of you who live in Virginia Beach know what I mean), it was easier for me to say it was “closed for business”.

As soon as I heard the forecast today, I knew that I was going to fit in a run, no matter what  it took .  And as luck would have it, my afternoon freed up. I turned my lunch break into a jog on the boardwalk. I even ventured out onto the sand. The beach was wide and smooth. The sun was warm and it felt great.  The sand was hard and perfect for capturing my footprints.  I think the beautiful weather was contagious. People were out and soaking up the day. Everyone was smiling. 

 Everywhere I went this morning, people were talking about the weather. They were all trying to figure out how to sneak out early and enjoy it. One client even mentioned to me later that he fit in a run on his lunch hour as well. This evening I had several friends telling me they were running on the boardwalk after work. I confessed my covert running mission to them from earlier and assured them they would enjoy their run as well.  Even though my run wasn’t long enough, the 30 minutes I was able to log was rejuvenating and refreshing.

But it did leave me with one question, Is it too early to have spring fever?

Happy Running-



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