As I began my weekly run on Saturday morning, so many things were routine: the songs, the attire, the parking space, the scenery, even the direction I ran in. For years I had started my weekly run from 1st street by the jetty and Grommet Island Park. I would head North, to the end of the boardwalk past the Cavalier and continue up to the North End. Halfway through my run yesterday (9.5 miles is plenty of time to think about things), I realized it may be a while until I run that direction again. I will be moving to the North End this coming week. I look forward to being able to run right out of the front door and hit the sand or travel south towards the boardwalk. It occurred to me that my surroundings and scenery will take on a new point of view. I now will be traveling North to South. I challenge some of you to switch it up yourself with your weekly course. Maybe even try driving a different way home or to work. Take in all that is around you, and maybe you will notice something in a new way. Better yet, maybe you will notice something new to you altogether. I welcome the change and I am ready to begin noticing things from a different viewpoint.




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