Running Down the Aisle

This weekend I have been experiencing some pretty rough leg and feet pain. I am not sure why I am having this. I haven’t run since Monday. My long run was scheduled for Saturday and I couldn’t do it. My new shoes even came in this week and I was so excited to break them in. Of course yesterday was a beautiful sunny 60 degree day. Last night I tried massaging and drinking lots of water and I woke up today with the same problem. As frustrating as it is, I have been a runner long enough to know when to listen to my body. Today my body is telling me to keep off my feet. So another cup of coffee and some Bravo TV will be in the near future.

Even though I didn’t get to run this weekend, I did get to attend a great wedding. The wedding was between two fantastic and incredible people, who happen to also be runners. When they first met, the groom was even in running shorts. I thought back on different races they had run together, and I thought of how appropriate it was that they move from not only running partners, to partners in life. It is so important to find that perfect partner to support you in whatever you choose to do. And if you can do it together, that is a bonus! Running can have some tough and frustrating times, like the day I am having today. Life is much the same way. I choose to think of running as moving forward, instead of away from something. Coming down the aisle for this bride, I am sure was a similar feeling. I can only imagine that once I finally find my partner, it will be hard to not run to the person at the other end of the aisle waiting. Congrats to Ralph and Anita, not just running partners…but partners in life!



What does love mean to you?

If you have been following this blog regularly, you know I seem to do my best thinking during my running. Which as for today, I ran 3 miles (with hills) and walked the beach for another 1 and 1/2. Being Valentine’s Day, I couldn’t help but think about LOVE. What does love mean to you? It can mean so many different things to each of us. And it can mean different things to each of us in different times of our lives. Love to me means comfort, warmth, and security. It makes me feel happy, excited, and peaceful. This year I am not part of a “couple,” but I do feel love around me. Love in my job, love in my family, love in my friends, love for running, love for the ocean. As you know by now, I am also in love with my city. I feel love coming towards me as well. I think the universe knows what to give you and when. I also think what you put out into the universe will come back to you. Is it a trade off to have all of these loves in my life and not a romantic love? Or is it possible to have it all? I believe the answer is yes, it’s possible. As you go into this Valentine’s Day, follow my lead. Focus on the LOVES do have in your life. Have faith in the future and be grateful.

If you are part of a “couple,” I strongly recommend you forgo your daily run and enjoy a great kissing session! Some reports say you can burn up to 120 calories and hour!!! Smooch on, responsibly!

If single, throw on some red heels and take on the day!

Happy running and loving-





Running with Dolphins

As I woke us this morning to snow, I was glad I got my run in yesterday. Snow running is fun, but a long run in the snow could be tricky. I was able to log 8 miles yesterday. It was overcast and somewhat drizzly. Overall, the run went well. I started from 64th and went south towards the boardwalk. It is exactly 1 and 1/2 miles to the turn to the boardwalk at the Cavalier from my new apartment. Most of that is running through the construction that has taken over the North End. I felt myself dodging between bulldozers and construction workers. Another women was walking near me and she said jokingly, ” how ironic we risk our lives trying to get healthy.” So true, I can just see headlines now, “Runner plowed down by bulldozer.” Lets hope not!

Some of the more relaxing moments from my run yesterday included the smell of someone finishing up some freshly done laundry. Also, the smell of the hotel restaurants on the boardwalk serving up hot bacon and sausage, I was tempted to stop. On my way back up the boardwalk for the second half of my run, I witnessed the best site. Between the pier and King Neptune, there were Dolphins along the shoreline. For nearly a mile, I counted over 20 dolphins. It was such a neat and unexpected sight for February. Once again I fell deeper in love with this city. Even when I toy with the idea of living somewhere else, it would take more than “wild horses” to drag me away, because my city lets me “run with dolphins.”

Happy running



Keeping your Head Healthy

Last week I ran twice. Monday I ran to get the lactic acid out of my legs. Tuesday, against my better judgement I ventured to the boardwalk again.Usually Tuesday is a recovery day. My body was already week and my head was beginning to follow suit. Being in the middle of moving and a major work deadline, I felt as though my body was shutting down. I was all set to go home and drink some hot tea and curl up. As it would turn out, I had a late afternoon text to meet some friends for a run. This is when I should have listened to my body. But against my better judgement and trying to be a “tough guy” I went ahead and went to meet them. I ended up not seeing them at all, I ran farther than I would have planned and have been fighting a horrible cold ever since. Don’t be afraid to say no and listen to what your body is telling you. If it tells you it is tired, give it rest.

As this last weekend passed, I was so worn out, I could not run. I have been trying to rest the last few afternoons. Today after work, I made myself go for an easy walk in my new neck of the woods. I thought this walk would be just as helpful for my mind and soul as for my body. I walked the Labyrinth at the Edgar Cayce Center, down to the beach and took a seat on the sand. I paused and looked out at the waves. The calming sounds, the smells, and the scenery were all helpful in rejuvenating my mind. I felt comforted and welcomed by my new surroundings. Clearing your head can be just as important in your overall health as an afternoon run. I finished my walk through the streets of the North End. Glad to be able to call this area home for a while.

Happy Trails