Running with Dolphins

As I woke us this morning to snow, I was glad I got my run in yesterday. Snow running is fun, but a long run in the snow could be tricky. I was able to log 8 miles yesterday. It was overcast and somewhat drizzly. Overall, the run went well. I started from 64th and went south towards the boardwalk. It is exactly 1 and 1/2 miles to the turn to the boardwalk at the Cavalier from my new apartment. Most of that is running through the construction that has taken over the North End. I felt myself dodging between bulldozers and construction workers. Another women was walking near me and she said jokingly, ” how ironic we risk our lives trying to get healthy.” So true, I can just see headlines now, “Runner plowed down by bulldozer.” Lets hope not!

Some of the more relaxing moments from my run yesterday included the smell of someone finishing up some freshly done laundry. Also, the smell of the hotel restaurants on the boardwalk serving up hot bacon and sausage, I was tempted to stop. On my way back up the boardwalk for the second half of my run, I witnessed the best site. Between the pier and King Neptune, there were Dolphins along the shoreline. For nearly a mile, I counted over 20 dolphins. It was such a neat and unexpected sight for February. Once again I fell deeper in love with this city. Even when I toy with the idea of living somewhere else, it would take more than “wild horses” to drag me away, because my city lets me “run with dolphins.”

Happy running



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