Running Down the Aisle

This weekend I have been experiencing some pretty rough leg and feet pain. I am not sure why I am having this. I haven’t run since Monday. My long run was scheduled for Saturday and I couldn’t do it. My new shoes even came in this week and I was so excited to break them in. Of course yesterday was a beautiful sunny 60 degree day. Last night I tried massaging and drinking lots of water and I woke up today with the same problem. As frustrating as it is, I have been a runner long enough to know when to listen to my body. Today my body is telling me to keep off my feet. So another cup of coffee and some Bravo TV will be in the near future.

Even though I didn’t get to run this weekend, I did get to attend a great wedding. The wedding was between two fantastic and incredible people, who happen to also be runners. When they first met, the groom was even in running shorts. I thought back on different races they had run together, and I thought of how appropriate it was that they move from not only running partners, to partners in life. It is so important to find that perfect partner to support you in whatever you choose to do. And if you can do it together, that is a bonus! Running can have some tough and frustrating times, like the day I am having today. Life is much the same way. I choose to think of running as moving forward, instead of away from something. Coming down the aisle for this bride, I am sure was a similar feeling. I can only imagine that once I finally find my partner, it will be hard to not run to the person at the other end of the aisle waiting. Congrats to Ralph and Anita, not just running partners…but partners in life!



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