Take Leaps


Taking Leaps
There are moments in life that require us to take leaps. Some would say they require us to have faith when making these leaps. Some leaps you might have made may include: ending a relationship, starting a relationship, career change, going away to college, sending your child off to college. We make leaps everyday. Some we rush to get through focusing more on the details ahead that the things we are leaping over to get there.

During my run this evening I couldn’t help but notice that today is Leap Day after all. Ironic that I realized this as I was leaping over some serious mud puddles from the crazy thunderstorms we had here today. In my attempt to miss the puddle, I ended run running through a larger puddle and getting my feet all wet. And I guess the joke was on me because it turned out to be quite fun! It got me thinking, why are we in such a rush to leap through life. We are so busy trying to leap through tasks just to get to the “next best thing.” Be mindful as you may miss something pretty great along the way. Like a fun splashing pool disguised as a nasty mud puddle.

So your running tip for the day is to slow down. If you are leaping, make sure it is for something truly worthwhile.  Have faith in yourself and enjoy what you may jump over on the way.

Happy running/leaping



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