I Jess







I Pilot

I LuLu

I Bravo


I pray

I dream

I doubt

I love


I leap

I fall

I rise

I smile


I run

I shuffle

I try

I push


I breath

I battle

I train
I sweat


I stop

I go

I fight

I cry


I drink

I laugh

I eat

I tired


I Jess


2 thoughts on “I Jess

  1. Hey Jess, Don’t forget I AWESOME !!
    great seeing you saturday. it was a gorgeous morning for a run. kitty and i were getting shin splints walking so we took off and ran the last two miles. i wish i had picked up a chip afterall.
    i look forward to running the cinco de mayo race with you! great blog. i’m glad i found it!
    see you on the course!

    • Amanda , thanks for reading the blog! Good for you for stepping it up and running! Good seeing you guys, you all are always so fun. Hope to see you soon 🙂


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