Let the Preparations Begin

Let the preparations begin. If you are a runner this weekend in the Shamrock, your preparations started weeks if not months ago. 8k participants have probably trained for some speed and steady racing. Marathoner’s and 1/2ers have prepared by putting in more mileage with weekly long runs. They have bought the gel or goo of their choice. All of us are probably figuring out race day attire as it is predicted to be one of the best Shamrock weekends yet as far as the weather goes. Saturday and Sunday both look to be in the lower 70’s.
Some of my personal preparations include:
No more alcohol this week until the finisher tent on Sunday
Toenails painted a lovely Shamrock Green
Playlist of all my favorite running songs made
Race wear washed and ready to go
If you are part of J and A racing, or the city of Virginia Beach, the visible signs of preparation began this past week. The closed road signs are up. The portable toilets are in place. The tent is being built. Shortly the start and finish line will be assembled. Other preparations are taking place as well. The conference center is setting up booths and tables for the 1000’s of participants. The shirts have been ordered. The goody bags are stuffed. Volunteers are lined up and ready to go.
A big thank you to J and A Racing for putting on this race. I look forward to participating in my 16th year of the Shamrock. Usually an 8k participant, this will be my first Shamrock 1/2 (4th half overall). Good luck to all runners. Good luck and Happy Birthday to my dad, as he will be competing in the 8k on Saturday (his 16th year also).
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2 thoughts on “Let the Preparations Begin

  1. Your Shamrock race preparations sound a lot like mine! (except I will probably have a Guiness or two on Saturday). But I did buy green nail police and a green headband for my 10-miler on Sunday.

    Good luck on your half!


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