My Running Must Haves

Just as I would prepare for any big event, I do the same for my races. I probably put more prep and planning into my running gear and equipment, than my daily routine.

This particular running season I started training with my iPhone. It was great because I had access to my music at all times. Also I did feel secure having my phone on some of those longer runs. I found myself using my phone camera quite frequently during my routes. Most of my blog photos come from my iPhone camera. I always come across the best scenes or situations when I am running and have been thankful to be able to capture them.

The one item I have had the toughest time finding was a good pair of headphones. I tried the earbuds. They were ok for shorter runs, but after 30 minutes or so I would begin to have some discomfort. Minor I know, really just more annoying. Also I wanted to be able to control the song selection and volume from the headphones, not the phone.

My mission for the expo this year was to search for such a device. If it existed, chances are I would find it at the Shamrock Sportsfest. And as luck would have it, I found them. Auria headphones!!! There was a booth set up with several people gathered around getting demonstrations. I figured I would give it a try. The sound was great! They were light and came in different sizes. The tech fit you at the table. I was immediately fitted as a small. These headphones fit in your ear differently than any other. They use the outer part of the ear to keep them in. The part that impressed me were the controls. On the cord itself was a slider and clicker. The functionality included: volume control, track repeat, track pause, and track skip. SOLD! For over 2 hours of running ahead of me, these would become very resourceful. For roughly $30, a definite bargain.
And the lived up to all my expectations.

Other products I consider a must on such races are glide or powder. I choose powder. Johnson’s Baby Powder in all the places you may use glide works great, plus you don’t feel so slimy. Besides, your mother used it on your tush as a baby right?

I also use powder in my shoes to lessen the effects of possible blisters. I had no blisters after the 1/2. In my shoes I use Gold Bond Medicated Menthol Powder. **** DISCLAIMER , do not get the powders confused!!! Trust me.

My product list would not be complete without one glam product. I do not wear makeup on my workouts other some Burt’s Bees Chapstick and some Maybelinne Mascara. I go with the waterproof kind. My mascara didn’t come off at all, even tears and sweat couldn’t shake it. These are the commercials they should show on television. Tag line “mascara that makes it through the marathon”.

I hope you enjoy my product recommendations and maybe even try some. Let me know the items you can’t run without.

Happy Running-Jess








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