A Trying 5k

The day was beautiful. Sunny and warm, muggy even. It was my first bike ride of the season. Most of the races on the boardwalk, I ride my bike to. Parking can be crazy, plus the fact it’s more fun to bike. Also, I knew there was an after party with beer and thought biking would be a good option. I felt good when I woke up and good during my stretching. This was only a 5k so I figured I would sprint right through it. After-all the race the weekend before was a much greater distance. I started out the race at a good steady pace. I had left my watch at home, but I could feel that I was moving faster than 10 minute pace. The race was an out and back (31st to 9th and back ). As I made the turn, my legs became very fatigued.My legs had been tired all week. I wrestled with taking more days to recover after the 1/2. But I decided to keep my running up. This short 5k was beginning to wear on me more than the 1/2. How was this possible? It should have been a breeze I remained motivated by the fact this was a short race and it would be over soon. Not to mention, this was the race of the fit and beautiful. I mean it, everyone at this race looked amazing. Needless to say I finished at 29:01. Under 30, that was good. But still rather slow. You can’t win them all. This week will have some distance and much needed recovery workouts built in.




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