79 PT

So it’s been a little over a week since I completed the half marathon. I ran once last week and then raced the Spartyka Wounded Warrior on Saturday. My legs still are sore and recovery is taking longer than expected.

Last night I switched it up and went to a group personal training session. Some of my friends have been going and they love it. Your first class is free, so I figured I would give it a shot. I have been involved with exercise “classes” before. Usually I have participated in them during times of injury and taking a break from running. Normally not my usual form of getting exercise. When I workout, I do not typically socialize. Runs are usually my time to zone out from the world, re-center and get back to neutral. I do however like personal training. It gives you the extra push you may forget to give yourself in workouts. Also, I always learn new tricks or tips.

This trainer does the sessions right from her house. And like me she lives near the beach and utilizes the sand and scenery in her workouts. I knew by the moment warm-ups began, I was going to like the trainer and the workout. She was fit, she was participating, and she was a runner!

The workout was based on a 3 set rotation. Meaning, we did 3 sets of the same group of activities. We started with a group warm up of light stretching. We used a PVC pipe over the head for shoulder rotations and back bends. I had never used such an ordinary piece of equipment before. Note to self, have Dad cut me a piece of PVC pipe for future individual workouts. Then we started the sets ( see exercises below). There were 6 of us in the class. We started out pretty much at the same pace for the first set. Halfway through the second set our pack of six started to spread out, I was in the middle of the pack. The entire workout lasted me approximately 28 minutes. I saw approximately because I did not realize the workout was being timed. I found that out at the end, when I heard the trainer caller out times. All I caught from mine was 28…… I asked why it was timed and being a runner, this I understood. We were racing ourselves. Each workout that this trainer gives is high intensity and is designed to last each trainee between 20-40 minutes. I like that, efficient and effective!

Needless to say, I will be seeing this trainer weekly. Instead of group sessions, my time spent there will be one on one.

Mondays workout ( all while carrying the PVC pipe)

1. run down to the Beach- about 200 yards

2. 15 lunges out in the sand, PVC pipe overhead

3. 15 lunges back , PVC pipe overhead

4. Run back to the house

5. 20 squat lunges with PVC overhead

6. 15 Burpees ,ughhhhhh

I look forward to my next workout with 79 PT Personal Training!!!

(6:15, Thursday morning)

Happy Training-Jess




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