Pollen Exhaustion

Have you been experiencing the pollen hangover? Ugh, it’s awful. I have been dragging all week. Every year around this time I get to a point of shear exhaustion. However I don’t remember the pollen coming this early. The best way I can explain how I feel is by remembering the scene from “The Wizard of Oz”, when Dorothy falls asleep in the poppies. I feel so dopey. I refuse to take medicine for the problem. I like to use natural remedies when at all possible. I use green tea, juices, some vitamin C, and lots of water. One old wives tale I have heard is to add some Apple Cider Vinegar in your water and sip through the day. If things do not get better soon, I will be trying this method. I literally think I was in the bed last night by 8:15.

I love being outside and I can’t even handle going for a run due to the yellow everywhere. I have been grateful for my early morning workouts on the beach. For some reason I feel like when I am close to the water with the breeze blowing, I get some good quality air. Coming off of 2 race weekends in a row and being wiped out from allergies, I think it was good I rested my legs and took some time off of running. I have been to 2 personal training sessions this week. It’s amazing how I can feel my body responding to the new workouts. Muscles I have not used in a while are sore and I can feel them re-engaging.

I plan to get back to the pavement this weekend. Next race in a few weeks.

What do you do to still get your workouts in when you are not feeling well?






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