Week in Review

Well it’s the weekend (yay!!!!!) and this week about killed me. Whew!!! Exhausted. I think I may have mentioned that yesterday.

Eventhough this week was long and tiring, there were some highlights. Normally when I use the word highlights, it is referring to my hair. This use of the word highlights focuses on the positive things that happened during my week.

1. I took the week off from running but I did start a new workout plan at 79PT. I loved adding in some physical training to my regular workouts. I think having some more overall fitness will help my running. I really enjoyed the early morning workout yesterday and watching the sun come up on the beach. Beautiful.

AND..Summer is coming and I plan to be ready!!! biKiNi——WHAT!

2. Had my blog complemented by an actual (professional) writer. Thanks for the compliment Jennifer! Check her blog out at www.make-upmusicmoneyme.blogspot.com she has been writing some really cool pieces on nail polish.

P.S. Runners, remember to pamper those paws!!!

3. Had a wonderful collaborative meeting at work with a team of people I don’t get to normally work with. I am very excited to get to know them better and join up to work on this cool project!

4. Started season two of Downton Abbey. Oh I absolutely love this show. What is going to happen with Bates and Anna?!?! I ordered all of season 2 through iTunes the other night. I see some tv and couch time in my near future!

5. Started looking at flights to San Diego. Always love when I get to go there!!!

Hope your week ended well.

Happy training/Happy weekend-Jess






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