Black Girls Run

This caught my interest on the news earlier. Black Girls Run is a running group started in 2009 by 2 African American women who started running as a way to tackle the growing obesity epidemic in the African American community. On their blog site they discuss making physical fitness a priority. Also on their site, I found a shocking statistic. According to the Centers for Disease Control, 80% of African American women are overweight. This isnt only a problem in the African American community. This is an issue that is effecting the entire country. I encourage you to check out the Black Girls Run,  BGR  , website. There are some motivating stories and tips, African American or not, I think you will enjoy it. they even have a soundtrack preview. You know I love the tunes! I may have to steal some of thier recommendations.

Before getting started, it is important to find out exactly where you stand . You may have heard the buzz about Body Mass Index, or BMI. Use the BMI calculator to see how you fair. Simply enter your height and weight into the online calculator and it outputs the results.  My BMI came it at a normal, 22.5!!! Running can be a great way to maintain weight or even better, a healthy way to lose a few pounds. One pound is worth about 3,500 calories. To lose weight at a slow steady pace, you will want to drop 1-2 lbs a week. That means reducing your daily caloric intake by 500-1000 calories a day. Nutrition and diet can play a key role in this. Partnering your effort with a healthy workout plan can boost the results. When you feel better you look better!

There are several options to get you moving. I have included 2 suggestions below.

The couch to 5k training plan. Here you will find a detailed plan to help get you ready to tackle your first 5k.

To get involved with the Hampton Roads group of BGR, you can contact Iva Smith at

Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!
As the rains pours down outside. I think what appropriate weather to have on this Earth Day 2012. Mother Earth is cleansing itself and signs of new life are all around us. Remember as you are going about your day to lessen your carbon footprint. Here are a few regular ways this Runner Girl does it.

1. Reusable very bags. They are always in my car ready to go. A lot of stores give you discounts for using them as well. If you forget and have to use disposable, just remember to recycle at your neighborhood market.
2. Recycle your plastic and cans. With all the Gatorade and water I drink I constantly have bottles.
3. Use your own travel coffee mug
4. Eat healthy. Eat consciously. If you are not a vegan, eat ethically. Cage free and organic.
5. Don’t drive! Walk, bike, or RUN to your destination. I am lucky enough to be able to bike to shops and restaurants around my neighborhood.

What tips do you have for helping to preserve the Earth?






Mid Week Morning Run

Today I resolved my frustration and impatience with the boardwalk. I ran EARLY! 6:45 start time. Headed North from 64th. Ran up to 80th on the feeder road. I turned around and crossed the street to do the second half on the sand. Great workout! Refreshing and rejuvenating ! The beach was quiet. One guy and his dog. The sun and the waves. The sand was soft and somewhat tricky to get footing, but a great overall workout. Total body, as it took everything to work through the sand. I made it back in time with a few minutes to spare. A quick ab workout and then had to get ready and head out the door for work. I believe I had the most prime part of the day this morning as it has turned chilly through the afternoon. Brrrr!!!






Boardwalk Etiquette

Please chime in on this one readers. What is appropriate boardwalk etiquette? Who has the right a way? Bikers, boarders, runners, rollers? It is the time of season where it gets very crowded out there. I ran a speed workout last night and found myself weaving in and out of people. The sprints we hard enough for this Runner Girl, running into the wind and around waves of people. I did manage to get in a good set of 400’s (1/4 mile repeats) in. I was going head to head with one skater until I had to stop my run and give him a “DUDE!” I have to remember to have patience for all the tourists and kids out there. But I do get very selfish over “my” boardwalk. After all, I have been running on it all year. It’s kinda like what regular gym goers feel when people start their New Year’s resolutions and overcrowd the gym in January. I just wish people would watch their kids and keep them out of the way and especially out of the bike path. I think I may invest in a bike horn or bell. And while we are talking about rude habits on the boardwalk, I want to outlaw the smoking. Ahhh, gross. I am trying to be healthy and you are puffing away. Ok enough of my complaining. After my run, as I turned on the car radio this little Police tune turned the mood around.

Please tell me gang, what do you do to keep the patience with the crowd and let me know your thoughts on the etiquette of the boardwalk.





A Nice Little Saturday

New running shirt and sunshine. How could this run not go well. It was a busy morning at the beach. All creatures were out. Runners, cyclists, bikers, walkers, car enthusiasts. The season has arrived.

I made my way through the feeder roads at the north end. Bypassing a moving bulldozer and some renegade road bikers, who just about took me out. Whew, it was a close call but I continued South. The little bit of wind I felt was blowing against me. I was grateful to know it would be able to assist me a little on my back in the other direction if needed.

Turning at The Cav and getting on the boardwalk, I felt great. The shorts and tank I was sporting were plenty. Good day sunshine!!! I was shooting for a turn around at 24 st. As I approached I noticed the car show that seemed to be gathering. Everything from hot roads to vintage. I made a brief stop on my
way back to quickly capture some of my favorites. There are a few pics below, including a neon green truck. License plate “glo stik”.

I made my way back to 64th feeling great. Replaying my latest theme song. Starships by Nicki Minaj. Loving it! First lyric begins with ” let’s go to the beach, let’s go get away”. Sounds like a plan to me.

And getting away for a few hours is what I did. Getting in a good run was a perfect set up for my nice little Saturday. Biking and friends. One brief pause before we kicked off the day, FLAT bike tires!!!! The situation was quickly remedied and we were on our way. There were 2 of us, then shortly after there were 4, then 6, then 8. We took over the patio at one of the boardwalk favorites. Laughter and banter. It was the perfect mix of people, perfect mix of personalities. Everyone was easy, carefree, and relaxed. Old friends and new. Fun times were had by all.








Friday Fabulousness

It’s Friday. This week wore me out. I look forward to a fun filled day tomorrow. Friends + bikes= good times!

My list of favorites this week is long. It was an exciting week with lots of surprises. Here was my top 5.

All jets stayed in the air… Whew.

Because the week was so busy, there was more Starbucks than normal. Tall bold blend and Tall Zen Green Tea.

Shopping always calms my sole. New summer wardrobe…CHECK! Running and shopping. Tomorrow I will run.

A new pair of Tom’s wedges. Ready for summer! And every pair you buy puts a pair on a child’s foot.

Taste Unlimited carryout remnants to get this single gal through a few days. Specifically, some Vanilla Bean Gelato to end out the week. Yummy!

Happy weekending! -Jess