Under Construction

The day started out rainy and windy. When I left for work this morning, I had little hope of putting the running shoes on and hitting the street. As the day went on, the sun came out early, but the wind didn’t go anywhere. This combo leads to a deceiving invitation to get out and run. I decided to try and get in a speed workout. I have been so slow lately. I feel as though my training is like a work site. There should be caution tape around me as I am running, “Under Construction!” Distance is good, but I need to get that mile under 10 minutes in a race. I thought this would be a good time to start putting in some light speed work. I have nothing on the books except a few 5k’s in the next couple of months. 5k’s are a sprint for the most part anyway, or they should be.

I started south on the boardwalk. I knew immediately I would face some strong headwinds on my way back. I knew this because I was moving right along in the same direction as the hotel flags. I could feel the help and push mother nature was giving me. This is part of that deceiving invitation to run. Great heading south, fighting it going back North. My workout was to consist of 4 800 meter (1/2 mile) repeats. This workout is one that is proven ( by me) to bring down the mile time. I have used it other times when I felt I just wasn’t moving as fast as I should be. The first one went great. I felt strong during the 1/4 mile jog before beginning the next one. I am not able to give you split times, I haven’t been able to time any runs for 2 weeks, somehow after the Shamrock I have misplaced my watch. Nevertheless, I began my second 800. A little winded, slower than the first but steady. I was almost taken out by a roller bladder, that could have been nasty. By this point, I was about to the pier. It was time to turn around and head North. And here is where my nemesis of the headwinds make her appearance. I was in the midst of my jog between sets. Remember my goal was to get a total of 4 800 repeats in. I began the third 800, ughhhhhh. I was fighting the wind. I was getting crazy looks from the walkers on the boardwalk. I wanted to say “ha, just wait til you turn around”. My last 2 repeats ended up more like 400’s with a steady jog the rest of the way back to the end of the boardwalk.

I began walking back to my car, which by the way I had to pay for a meter to park. They’re back!!! Tourist season. Note to self…bike or run from the house from now on. As I approached the car I noticed an empty parking lot across the street. A fairly large parking lot, and it seemed to be sheltered from the majority of the wind. Ding ding! I ventured across the street and busted out several 50 meter sprints. Back and forth, weaving through the vacant lot. Perfect ending to my workout. You can see by my expression below, I was tired. I thought I was in better shape. After all, I did just complete a 1/2 marathon…LOL! Health and fitness come in many forms, and it seems that my fitness is still somewhat “under construction.”

Happy training/sprinting-Jess20120402-184548.jpg20120402-184555.jpg20120402-184600.jpg20120402-192248.jpg




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