Blessed on this Good Friday

Usually I use Friday’s blog as a chance to recap the highlights of the week. On this Good Friday, I am feeling extremely blessed.

Below are some pictures I took from the jet crash today in Virginia Beach. I arrived on Birdneck moments after the F-18 jet crashed into Mayfair Mews. I was there by coincidence, completing a normal errand of picking up my dry cleaning. I feel blessed I was coming through the neighborhood moments after and not sooner. I recently moved from across the street of the crash site. I feel blessed I was out of harms way. I feel blessed to be a part of the Virginia Beach community. I feel blessed to have friends that were on the scene who provided assistance. This situation is something in the back of all oceanfront residents minds. A sad reminder not to take loved ones for granted. I feel blessed for all the calls and texts from friends today checking in.

A sad day…but a strong showing for the city of Virginia Beach. I am proud to live in this city.











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