Pulling in the Joy

Bad habits, bad people, bad clothes, bad mojo…get it all out of here.Time for some Spring Cleaning!!! This is the time of year you may start revamping your diet. You may start or turn up the dial on your workout plan. You might start switching out your clothes from a winter to a summer wardrobe. Also during this process, evaluate what and who you spend your time with. Ask yourself, do they bring good into your life? Or do they take joy out? Eliminate the bad and those who bring joy, pull closer.

Today I was able to get a steady 3.5 mile before work. I did have to pull on the running tights and a light hoodie. I did shed the hoodie at my halfway mark.
(From 64th to the boardwalk…stop for a quick sunrise shot, then headed back. The wind coming back was somewhat fierce)

As I ran I began to think about one of my oldest friends. Not by age, but one I have had the longest. We lived together at one point. I have to say, she was one of the best roommates ever! We definitely had the most fun in what I consider to be one of the best summers of my life. That summer we lived together was the final summer of the Duck Inn. You locals know what a fun summer that must have been. ( I plan on trying to recreate something similar in the way of fun this year). Did I mention we lived within walking distance of the Virginia Beach landmark? After my run it was time for work. As I began my day I received a text from this friend for a last minute lunch date. SCORE! So fun. She is a teacher and has the week off, so her schedule was free. We talked about the topic above, JOY! Our laughter took over the restaurant. Sorry to any other Chipotle customers, we were those people making all the noise. By the way, I love the vegetarian burrito bowl. This friend is one who is the perfect example of pulling those who bring joy closer.

Hold on to the simple things. A great morning run, lunch with a dear friend, a glass on PINOT in the evening. Life is good!






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