Friday Fabulousness

It’s Friday. This week wore me out. I look forward to a fun filled day tomorrow. Friends + bikes= good times!

My list of favorites this week is long. It was an exciting week with lots of surprises. Here was my top 5.

All jets stayed in the air… Whew.

Because the week was so busy, there was more Starbucks than normal. Tall bold blend and Tall Zen Green Tea.

Shopping always calms my sole. New summer wardrobe…CHECK! Running and shopping. Tomorrow I will run.

A new pair of Tom’s wedges. Ready for summer! And every pair you buy puts a pair on a child’s foot.

Taste Unlimited carryout remnants to get this single gal through a few days. Specifically, some Vanilla Bean Gelato to end out the week. Yummy!

Happy weekending! -Jess







2 thoughts on “Friday Fabulousness

  1. Jess-
    Great week of running. Capped off a solid week with 9 miles today. Sore but pleased. Jealous of anyone that gets Taste……even called them to franchise in Richmond, but they were not interested. Have a great weekend!

    • Paul
      The little things keep me happy. Sounds like your running is still going well. I am running tomorrow. I have been doing one day a week of personal training. Working on overall fitness.

      ODU spring games is coming up!


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