Boardwalk Etiquette

Please chime in on this one readers. What is appropriate boardwalk etiquette? Who has the right a way? Bikers, boarders, runners, rollers? It is the time of season where it gets very crowded out there. I ran a speed workout last night and found myself weaving in and out of people. The sprints we hard enough for this Runner Girl, running into the wind and around waves of people. I did manage to get in a good set of 400’s (1/4 mile repeats) in. I was going head to head with one skater until I had to stop my run and give him a “DUDE!” I have to remember to have patience for all the tourists and kids out there. But I do get very selfish over “my” boardwalk. After all, I have been running on it all year. It’s kinda like what regular gym goers feel when people start their New Year’s resolutions and overcrowd the gym in January. I just wish people would watch their kids and keep them out of the way and especially out of the bike path. I think I may invest in a bike horn or bell. And while we are talking about rude habits on the boardwalk, I want to outlaw the smoking. Ahhh, gross. I am trying to be healthy and you are puffing away. Ok enough of my complaining. After my run, as I turned on the car radio this little Police tune turned the mood around.

Please tell me gang, what do you do to keep the patience with the crowd and let me know your thoughts on the etiquette of the boardwalk.





2 thoughts on “Boardwalk Etiquette

  1. I think the bike path has the right of way to pedestrians. The summer is the worst for tourist kids close to getting run down by me on my bike. Unfortunately I think it is a free-for-all on the boardwalk but it would be nice if walkers stayed to the right so runners could pass on the left.


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