Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!
As the rains pours down outside. I think what appropriate weather to have on this Earth Day 2012. Mother Earth is cleansing itself and signs of new life are all around us. Remember as you are going about your day to lessen your carbon footprint. Here are a few regular ways this Runner Girl does it.

1. Reusable very bags. They are always in my car ready to go. A lot of stores give you discounts for using them as well. If you forget and have to use disposable, just remember to recycle at your neighborhood market.
2. Recycle your plastic and cans. With all the Gatorade and water I drink I constantly have bottles.
3. Use your own travel coffee mug
4. Eat healthy. Eat consciously. If you are not a vegan, eat ethically. Cage free and organic.
5. Don’t drive! Walk, bike, or RUN to your destination. I am lucky enough to be able to bike to shops and restaurants around my neighborhood.

What tips do you have for helping to preserve the Earth?







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