Black Girls Run

This caught my interest on the news earlier. Black Girls Run is a running group started in 2009 by 2 African American women who started running as a way to tackle the growing obesity epidemic in the African American community. On their blog site they discuss making physical fitness a priority. Also on their site, I found a shocking statistic. According to the Centers for Disease Control, 80% of African American women are overweight. This isnt only a problem in the African American community. This is an issue that is effecting the entire country. I encourage you to check out the Black Girls Run,  BGR  , website. There are some motivating stories and tips, African American or not, I think you will enjoy it. they even have a soundtrack preview. You know I love the tunes! I may have to steal some of thier recommendations.

Before getting started, it is important to find out exactly where you stand . You may have heard the buzz about Body Mass Index, or BMI. Use the BMI calculator to see how you fair. Simply enter your height and weight into the online calculator and it outputs the results.  My BMI came it at a normal, 22.5!!! Running can be a great way to maintain weight or even better, a healthy way to lose a few pounds. One pound is worth about 3,500 calories. To lose weight at a slow steady pace, you will want to drop 1-2 lbs a week. That means reducing your daily caloric intake by 500-1000 calories a day. Nutrition and diet can play a key role in this. Partnering your effort with a healthy workout plan can boost the results. When you feel better you look better!

There are several options to get you moving. I have included 2 suggestions below.

The couch to 5k training plan. Here you will find a detailed plan to help get you ready to tackle your first 5k.

To get involved with the Hampton Roads group of BGR, you can contact Iva Smith at


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