Girls on the Run

I went. I ran. I cheered. I am inspired. These third through fifth grade girls rock! I can’t believe I started running right around their age. Some of them are extremely motivated and ready to take on the world. The Girls on the Run program is structured. It is designed to motivate and empower. It is evident to me it is doing just that.

We started out in a group discussion talking about community and team work. Then we ventured outside for a group stretch. We reviewed the workout. It would average out to about a 5k per girl, give or take. We all ran field laps at our own pace. Motivating each other. The girls are supportive of each other. Complementing each other and building each other up. I am now Miss Jess to my group. I could see parts of me in some of these girls, especially in the spunky petite one. She even had the sock type running shoes! Pretty cool. As I ran one girl told me about how her dad was at the last race with her. So sweet. After the workout we firm a tunnel for all the girls who finish after you to go through. This tunnel features so unique cheers, songs, and high 5’s. After that the spirit award fir the day is announced. Then we head inside fir a snack and journal writing. Great way to end the session.

After leaving I reflected on the run and was reminded about the influence of running my dad placed on me and how he still supports me at races. He’s still my coach some 20 years later! Having been given that power so many years ago, has stuck with me. It has kept me strong and focused in hard times. I want nothing more but for all young girls to have that inside them. Empowering and supporting these young girls is key. In conclusion, I am a proud running buddy and supporter of GOTR!!!

Happy training and volunteering!





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