May Days

This week we kicked off the month of May. I always feel like this month is the official kick off to the summer season. May certainly brought some fun! Here are the favs from the week.

1. Cinco De Mayo. The boardwalk was as picture perfect as a postcard on Saturday. I was treated to the sweet smell of coconut scented sunscreen, breakfast bacon, and cigars. I saw children playing at the shoreline. Running back and forth testing the water and dipping in their toes. It was all smiles and laughter. The run was nothing to out of the ordinary. 64th street start, headed south to Catch 31. Quick stop at King Neptune and turned around to head back. The sun was warm and strong. I snagged a few rays on the run and had a nice runner’s tan when I got back to prove it. The weather from Saturday was definitely a highlight from the week.

2. Girls on the Run. See the blog from Wednesday. So excited about continuing to work with this group. Our 5k is May 19th!

3. Dolphin Baseball Fundraiser at Granby Theater. A good friend was supporting and organizing this event. It turned out to be such a great night. Hanging with the bro, some old friends, and met some new ones. Dancing to the great tunes of Hotcakes! Loved it.

4. Wednesday night dinner out and a glass of Champagne! Not a bad way to celebrate mid week!

5. Social gathering at 79PT. Great evening outside. Great friends and great food!!! Makes all of our hard work well worth it!

Someone recently coined this summer as the “Summer of Jess! ” sounds good to me!

Let the good times roll

Happy May Days!






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