When Pigs Fly

My cousin completed the Flying Pig Marathon on Sunday. The race was in Cincinnati. He said this was a bucket list item for him to be able to check off. With 3 weeks left to go in his training, my cousin incurred a mild running injury. Any of you runners know just how frustrating this can be just days before a major race. I woke up Sunday morning sending good luck messages his way. So I was very excited to receive a Facebook message from his wife mid morning telling me he had started the race. I was equally excited today to get an email from him with his race details. It’s almost like us
runners have our own language. I knew exactly what he meant when he
described the crowd, the weather, and the race particulars. It was like I was there. The crowd was large. Between the full marathon, half marathon, and other various races and relays, there were over 18,000 finishers. That seems huge! The temperature was 57 degrees at the 6:30 am start. It topped out at 80 by race end. There were Gatorade and water stations between every mile. I personally am a fan of Gatorade stations instead of Powerade, so I would have been happy with that. Congratulations Cuz on finishing and being able to check off one of your goals!!!

You had my respect before, but have earned even more because I do not ever see myself running a full marathon. I don’t think my body or mind could take it. Instead of The Flying Pig, I will refer to that day as, “When Pigs Fly!” not going to happen. I did squeeze in a nice little speed workout this evening on the boardwalk. My run was awesome. One of the fastest in a while. It just goes to show you that any given day can be your best or your worst run. Today I did a 2.5 mile sprint. I have been trying to get my 5k time down. I ended up running at about a 9 minute pace. I couldn’t believe it! I am not sure what to attribute it to. Could it be the day I spent on the couch yesterday resting? Could it be the carb load bagel sandwich I had for breakfast? Could it be the mild temperatures on the boardwalk? I wish I knew the secret to my successful run, I would replicate it everyday! I was tired after my short run. I did mange to get a “nice legs!” , from a biker as he cruised by. I think the sun might have been in his eyes, but I’ll take it! Thank you whoever you are mystery biker! You made my night!

Happy sprinting!







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