EQUI-KIDS therapeutic riding program is a wonderful organization. They support and promote equine therapy for those with disabling conditions. They have several fundraisers throughout the year. One of the events they offer annually is the 5k cross country run and running of the hounds. This is the second year I have participated in the 5k run. The course is a true cross country trail with roots, mud, sand, sticks, divots. Because I was a cross country runner in high school, I am use to having to run looking down. During cross country races, if one isn’t careful, they could have a catastrophic accident. That is why we tend to constantly stare down at the ground to watch out for the treacherous terrain. Yesterday the weather was ideal for a run. I arrived out at the barn around 7:40. Our start time was 8:20. I wanted to make sure I could get a good parking spot and have some time to stretch before. I met up with a couple of friends before the race start. The weather was in the 60’s. I was sporting running shorts and one of my favorite razorback tanks. Also, I had been warned about the course being muddier than normal, so I busted out my old running shoes just in case. I did wear my earphones and had nice nice tunes for the quick race. I started out strong. My first mile split came it at 9:06. Not bad for a trail run. The ground was soft with plenty of give. I was almost bouncing as I ran. The second mile came in a little slower. I finished the race at 30:19. I was happy about that. I was especially happy because I took almost 2 minutes of my course time from last year.

After the 5 k finished, we gathered for a quick beer from the beer truck! Nice reward at 9:00am. Then it was time for the running of the hounds. I had several friends participating in the 1 mile sprint with thier dogs. Louie the wonder dog, a Maltese Shih tzu, was here to make his second appearance. He stole the show last year when he plopped down from exhaustion 1 foot before the finish line. Now he is back to show his stuff. The dog that won the run, completed the mile in 5:05 with his owner, remarkable! Dogs of all ages, shapes, styles, and speed took part. Louie completed the run in the 9 minute pace. Well done!

All in all, a great day for hounds and runners alike.

Happy trails














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