What is a Team?

What is a team? I sat in a workshop today discussing just that. Some popular answers to that question included: people with a common goal, a diverse group. Wikipedia refers to a team as a collective group working towards a common purpose. This particular meeting was in regards to developing a strong sales team. We discussed how to pick and form a successful team. It can be a challenge to establish a balanced sales team. The challenge can be in developing an individuals skills, complementing their strengths, and improving their weaknesses.

During this workshop, I couldn’t help but think of my Girls on the Run team. This team is different in the fact that we aren’t picking members or individuals. We are working with the girls that want to participate. We are hoping to develop all of them, no matter what skill level or experience they may have. Today was our last practice before the Spring 5k this Saturday. I have only practiced with them once a week for the last month, but already I have gotten so much out of it. I think these girls taught me more than I taught them. This afternoon we started practice with a discussion about, yup you guessed it, teamwork. We discussed what they had learned, what they liked, what they didn’t like, and what they discovered about themselves from GOTR. A lot of girls mentioned they developed physical strength, they learned how to be healthy, and how to encourage each other. One girl mentioned she discovered how to love her beauty on the inside and out! Another girl talked about something I never heard them mention before. The “Icky Chord”. This refers to the negative voice in your brain. The voice that may complain, or gossip, or bully. She mentioned she learned to turn off the “Icky Chord”, and turn on the other part of the brain that thinks about glitter, and rainbows, and happy things. I love that! What a concept. Turn off the bad and turn on the good. Get rid of the negative things and people in your life and get more of the happy ones. If these fifth grade girls can have the knowledge to do this, I definitely can make a better effort to do it myself.

Wish us luck on Saturday as we tackle the Spring 5k in Norfolk! Some of the girls expressed today during our buddy run, that they are nervous. One thing I know is these girls have heart and drive. They will do great!

Happy glitter and rainbows…






2 thoughts on “What is a Team?

  1. This sounds like such a great organization. We don’t have a chapter in my city yet, but I always love reading about it. Good luck to you and your girls on Saturday!


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