Thursday WOD



This morning’s workout came early. My body woke itself up at 5am. My Thursday morning workout at 79pt is always at 6:15am. Today was the first day in a few that is has not been raining, yay! And as the day would prove, the only sunny part of the day was early morning. I was grateful to be up for that. We took it to the beach this morning. Running in the sand!!!

The WOD was as follows:
1.Running from the beach up through the access to the street and back down to the water’s edge.
2. Running BACKWARDS in the sand from the water’s edge back up to the beach access. (only fell on my rear once, but I fell hard…boom!)
3. 30 walking lunges with PVC pipe over head
4. 20 overhead squats in place with PVC pipe overhead
5. 10 (non modified) Pushups

We completed this 3 times. I finished third out of 5. I felt good about that.

Great way to start the day. Was on the beach as the sun was coming up! Love it.

Happy WODing



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