Singing In The Rain

There were storms most of the afternoon. At one point I called it and figured I wasn’t running. I don’t mind the rain but lightning and thunder I don’t mess with. By five the severe weather had passed and I had motivated myself to get my run in. It was still drizzling but I had some things I needed to run out so I put on the iPod and took to the boardwalk. Just me and some friends: Stevie, Colbie, and Dierks!

The rain was like a cleanse for everything on my mind. It just washed it all away. When work is tough or people are tough, just run it out. I enjoyed the salty rain and the puddles I charged through. I noticed what seemed to be some tourists walking around making the most of the early evening as well.

A couple of days ago I had someone criticize me for being too small. I didn’t think it was so nice. I am very petite and most of the people in my family are small. Also, not to mention, I am a runner. Nothing “fixes” my body better than running. According to the BMI Calculator and the CDC, my body weight is in the normal/healthy category. Believe me, I have been on the other side of the chart, NOT healthy. These days, I am feeling great. Healthy and Happy! At first the comments from this person hurt my feelings. But I quickly realized not to pay any attention to any of that nonsense. Instead, today on my run, I channeled that energy through the run. I also thought of all the fun things I have been doing. Those thoughts made me happy and kept me moving at a good pace.

Thanks to those of you giving me positive feedback on running and on the blog!!!

Happy Singing in the Rain!





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