Weekend Kickoff

Yesterday’s workout came early as always. It was a humid May morning. Storms had been brewing all night. The air was thick. We headed to the beach. The clouds across the water looked ominous and scary, but we pressed on. Most workouts are under thirty minutes so we knew we had time to get it in before the chance of any bad weather hit. And within the 23 minutes or so it took me to complete the WOD, I was working! Sweat was dripping and I was covered in sand somehow.

The WOD was as follows:

Running from beach access up to the street, down to the water and back to access.

22 starbursts

22 backward lunges ( feeling these today )

22 modified sand pushups

22 abs

Completed 3 times

I am sore today but feel slightly less guilty for enjoying the cocktails from last night. Actually, I consider the workout a great way to kick off this 4 day weekend. Now onto enjoying the sun, more sand, and more cocktails.

I write this blog today doing just that. Toes in the sand and soaking up some sun.

Happy Weekend






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