Thursday WOD




I almost hit snooze. 5:30 was rough. This morning I was exhausted. The long weekend had finally caught up to me. I pulled myself out of bed and headed to 79pt. There were four of us. We all seemed to be dragging at first. Then the WOD was revealed. I knew it would be tough. The jumping pull-ups were especially challenging. Halfway through the workout I asked if it was better to skip a session or muddle through it. I was encouraged to keep going and I did, begrudgingly.

The garage WOD was as follows :
1 minute of each (4 times through)

Push press with 8 or 3 lbs
Box dips
Squat thrusters with weighted ball
Jumping pull up

My body already is sore and the workout was just this morning. I don’t feel bad at all about the Skinny Dip Fro Yo I had last night!

Happy WODing

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