79 pt WOD

During the past week we have had scorching temperatures here in Virginia Beach. Today reached triple digits! Four out of five days this week I managed some form of exercise. That isn’t too bad! My workouts ranged from biking, running, paddle boarding (with dolphins), and cross fit.Today was a rest day due to a 5k I have in the morning.

Yesterday was my weekly 79 pt workout. Early morning WOD!!! Still just sore enough today to know I had a good workout yesterday. The workout is on the picture boards below.

We had 12 minutes in each group. The goal to complete as many sets and rounds as possible.

Stay hydrated






It’s T Shirt Time

Here I am admitting that I use to watch The Jersey Shore. Any of you out there who have watched it have heard this phrase repeatedly on the show, “It’s T Shirt Time!” This is what the guys on the show would say right before putting on their T shirts and heading out to the clubs. Well as I ran down the boardwalk tonight, I noticed a plethora of graphic t’s. I couldn’t help but hear that phrase in the back of my head throughout my exercising this evening. I rode my bike from 64th to 31st where I parked it. I then ran from 31st to 5th and back. Then biked back to 64th. I venture to say the majority of the people I passed wearing the shirts are tourists. I also would venture to guess the shirts are for sale at some of our finer retail establishments on the strip. Two young men stood out as my most favorite. Partly because of the attire they were sporting and partly because they randomly started to run and chat with me. One of them is pictured below in the lovely yellow lighthouse cardigan sporting his bare chest! Here are a few more of my favorites.

Happy T Shirt Time!








Storm Chaser

Runner Girl has been on hiatus the past few days. After enjoying a few
days off of work and out of town, I am back! And today I made my run
just made it in the knick of time. Late this afternoon I heard the
storm alert go off. I knew if I didn’t get out and run at that time, I
would not get a chance to do it today. Wow, what dedication 🙂 I
started out on the sand. Ran the first 1/2 mile heading south through
the last few sunbathers. Beach goers started leaving the beach around
the time I started my run. Dark clouds were coming in and it was very
obvious from the view that the storm was going to be nasty. After the
first 1/2 mile in the sand, I came up to the street and ran through
Ocean Avenue to The Cavalier. I hit the boardwalk and went up to Catch
31. As I turned around to head north, I noticed the sky getting darker
and more prominent. I began my run back. It was hot and I was already
soaked from sweat. Ran would have been appreciated at this point. But
I knew much more than ran was coming. As I approached the turn from
the boardwalk to the street, I eyed a parked bike. I did have a quick
thought of snagging it 🙂 I would never, but I did feel a bit nervous.
I figured I had just enough time to get back to 64th. I concluded this
was an unconventional way to get in a speed workout. Not planned, but
yet effective. Not that I recommend running in severe thunderstorms,
but trying to outrun one can be an interesting way to work on your
race pace! Not 5 minutes after hitting my door, the sky feel out. I am
listening to booming thunder now as I write this. The tv is cutting in
and out with a radar map covered in lightning strikes. Needless to
say, I got my run in.

Happy Storm chasing






Got My New Shoes On

Hey I put some new shoes on and suddenly everything’s right

I had been anticipating the arrival of my new shoes. Most girls love new shoes. I am no exception. I get equally excited about heels or my Asics for training. These Asics were particularly important because I will be running in them for the next 3-6 months. Which means I will be training and racing the Rock n Roll in them.

I came home from work and like I often do I changed my clothes into my running gear. I then slipped on my flops and went to check for any UPS boxes. Sure enough they were here. Yeah! Ironically my running attire was a perfect match with my shoes. I quickly laced up my new fuchsia kicks! Cushiony and great. And my body was relieved. I could tell the difference in the way my legs and body felt.

I planned a 5k tempo run for tonight’s workout. I hit the boardwalk on 5th street and went North. I usually run from north heading south and back, but today I went the other way. I needed to switch it up. I didn’t time my run, but I could tell I was cruising. It was an up and back run. I weaved in and out of the crowd. It was hot but I loved it. One benefit of running at night in the heat is you sweat off some lbs !

I felt great during and after the run! Excited to continue training and get ready to Rock n Roll!!!

Happy shoeing





Father’s Day

Rise and Shine. Coffee. Cleaning. Running. Breakfast. Paddle boarding. Kayaking. Boating.

Dad and I did a practice run for the 5k in Deltaville we will have in 2 weeks. Then we hit the water! Great day with my dad and my family.

Happy times with my dad








SUP Off!!! Not meant to sound rude, SUP off all the stress. Like running, stand up paddle boarding can be a great way to get out stress and let things go, not to mention a great calorie burning workout. Shape magazine states between 500-700 calories burned per hour. You can control the speed and tempo. You can control the intensity. Also like running, you can enjoy wonderful scenery and surroundings. It can be a great workout for the days when you need to rest your legs. After the crazy workout from Thursday, my body is still aching. Saturday usually being a run day, I decided for one more day of rest and hit the SUP instead. Today I took advantage of a lower intensity workout and got in a good hour on the flat river. Only me, my board, a few fisherman, and tons of jellies! Yuck!!! But they were great motivation to not fall off. I managed to put in a few sets of squats and abs while on the board.

Tomorrow will get back to pounding the street.

Happy SUPing –







79pt Test

Last week I missed my 79pt workout. Well I didn’t really miss it, I didn’t go. Because I had run (and had beers) last Wednesday evening for National Running Day, I knew I wouldn’t be going to my Thursday morning workout.

I saw my trainer over the weekend and was informed of exactly what workout I had missed. There was a “timed test” that all clients were encouraged to do. My group did it last week. That meant today was my time to do it.

So last night I went out for a good carb load spaghetti dinner. No wine or beer. Knowing how competitive I am, I knew I would want to be at my best. Also I would be competing against only myself. The rest of my group had already completed the “test”.

The “test” was as follows :
Run 1/2 mile
100 abs
50 pushups
150 air squats
Run 1/2 mile

All this is to be completed as fast as you can. Then we will be completing this again in 3 months.

18:48 was my time.

I’m not sure how that compares to everyone else or if it’s a good time. I felt tired. My quads were sore. I was starving all day, as I usually am on Thursdays. I hit Harris Teeter at lunch for some pasta salad. Then I found the chips!!! I was reprimanded by the cashier of my poor lunch choice.

As the day went on, I was tired. Hard to say if the workout was solely responsible. But it took an afternoon coffee and carbs to get me through the day. I even snagged a cinnamon roll at work someone had after a breakfast meeting. Ugh! I never do that. But I figure my body needed it.

Tomorrow will be a rest/recovery day. This weekend will be back to the grind with a run, some paddle boarding, and wake boarding!