National Running Day

June 6, 2012… National Running Day. This day is meant to give back. Run for a charity or fundraise for your race. Several races held deals on this day for registration fees in the hopes of having you sign up. Do you pay attention to the causes you support when you run these 5k’s, 8k’s, and 1/2’s? If you need motivation or reason to run, these charities are it!

The past few years I have celebrated the day with a morning run on the boardwalk. Last year I ran the morning run with strangers while J and A Racing gave out free t shirts. This year, I still received a free t shirt, but I ran with friends. It was an awesome night. The weather was great, in the 70’s. We started out at my favorite athletic store, Lululemon! J and A had even erected one of their start/finish lines. Being that we started from Lulu, I felt it was appropriate to sport some of their attire. I ran in my black running skirt and razorback tank. We hit the pavement on 18th. We ran as a mob to the boardwalk down to first street and back to Lulu. It was a nice casual 5k. Again I didn’t time it, but I figure I was just under 30 minutes. When we finished we were handed commemorative glasses. Once all runners were in, we took the party one block up to Croc’s for $1 beers. The night was topped off with fish tacos from Baja! I think hands down it was my favorite National Running Day yet!

Shout out to all my running buddies from yesterday. And thanks J and A !!!

Happy National Day












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