79pt Test

Last week I missed my 79pt workout. Well I didn’t really miss it, I didn’t go. Because I had run (and had beers) last Wednesday evening for National Running Day, I knew I wouldn’t be going to my Thursday morning workout.

I saw my trainer over the weekend and was informed of exactly what workout I had missed. There was a “timed test” that all clients were encouraged to do. My group did it last week. That meant today was my time to do it.

So last night I went out for a good carb load spaghetti dinner. No wine or beer. Knowing how competitive I am, I knew I would want to be at my best. Also I would be competing against only myself. The rest of my group had already completed the “test”.

The “test” was as follows :
Run 1/2 mile
100 abs
50 pushups
150 air squats
Run 1/2 mile

All this is to be completed as fast as you can. Then we will be completing this again in 3 months.

18:48 was my time.

I’m not sure how that compares to everyone else or if it’s a good time. I felt tired. My quads were sore. I was starving all day, as I usually am on Thursdays. I hit Harris Teeter at lunch for some pasta salad. Then I found the chips!!! I was reprimanded by the cashier of my poor lunch choice.

As the day went on, I was tired. Hard to say if the workout was solely responsible. But it took an afternoon coffee and carbs to get me through the day. I even snagged a cinnamon roll at work someone had after a breakfast meeting. Ugh! I never do that. But I figure my body needed it.

Tomorrow will be a rest/recovery day. This weekend will be back to the grind with a run, some paddle boarding, and wake boarding!





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