SUP Off!!! Not meant to sound rude, SUP off all the stress. Like running, stand up paddle boarding can be a great way to get out stress and let things go, not to mention a great calorie burning workout. Shape magazine states between 500-700 calories burned per hour. You can control the speed and tempo. You can control the intensity. Also like running, you can enjoy wonderful scenery and surroundings. It can be a great workout for the days when you need to rest your legs. After the crazy workout from Thursday, my body is still aching. Saturday usually being a run day, I decided for one more day of rest and hit the SUP instead. Today I took advantage of a lower intensity workout and got in a good hour on the flat river. Only me, my board, a few fisherman, and tons of jellies! Yuck!!! But they were great motivation to not fall off. I managed to put in a few sets of squats and abs while on the board.

Tomorrow will get back to pounding the street.

Happy SUPing –








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