Got My New Shoes On

Hey I put some new shoes on and suddenly everything’s right

I had been anticipating the arrival of my new shoes. Most girls love new shoes. I am no exception. I get equally excited about heels or my Asics for training. These Asics were particularly important because I will be running in them for the next 3-6 months. Which means I will be training and racing the Rock n Roll in them.

I came home from work and like I often do I changed my clothes into my running gear. I then slipped on my flops and went to check for any UPS boxes. Sure enough they were here. Yeah! Ironically my running attire was a perfect match with my shoes. I quickly laced up my new fuchsia kicks! Cushiony and great. And my body was relieved. I could tell the difference in the way my legs and body felt.

I planned a 5k tempo run for tonight’s workout. I hit the boardwalk on 5th street and went North. I usually run from north heading south and back, but today I went the other way. I needed to switch it up. I didn’t time my run, but I could tell I was cruising. It was an up and back run. I weaved in and out of the crowd. It was hot but I loved it. One benefit of running at night in the heat is you sweat off some lbs !

I felt great during and after the run! Excited to continue training and get ready to Rock n Roll!!!

Happy shoeing






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