Storm Chaser

Runner Girl has been on hiatus the past few days. After enjoying a few
days off of work and out of town, I am back! And today I made my run
just made it in the knick of time. Late this afternoon I heard the
storm alert go off. I knew if I didn’t get out and run at that time, I
would not get a chance to do it today. Wow, what dedication 🙂 I
started out on the sand. Ran the first 1/2 mile heading south through
the last few sunbathers. Beach goers started leaving the beach around
the time I started my run. Dark clouds were coming in and it was very
obvious from the view that the storm was going to be nasty. After the
first 1/2 mile in the sand, I came up to the street and ran through
Ocean Avenue to The Cavalier. I hit the boardwalk and went up to Catch
31. As I turned around to head north, I noticed the sky getting darker
and more prominent. I began my run back. It was hot and I was already
soaked from sweat. Ran would have been appreciated at this point. But
I knew much more than ran was coming. As I approached the turn from
the boardwalk to the street, I eyed a parked bike. I did have a quick
thought of snagging it 🙂 I would never, but I did feel a bit nervous.
I figured I had just enough time to get back to 64th. I concluded this
was an unconventional way to get in a speed workout. Not planned, but
yet effective. Not that I recommend running in severe thunderstorms,
but trying to outrun one can be an interesting way to work on your
race pace! Not 5 minutes after hitting my door, the sky feel out. I am
listening to booming thunder now as I write this. The tv is cutting in
and out with a radar map covered in lightning strikes. Needless to
say, I got my run in.

Happy Storm chasing







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