It’s T Shirt Time

Here I am admitting that I use to watch The Jersey Shore. Any of you out there who have watched it have heard this phrase repeatedly on the show, “It’s T Shirt Time!” This is what the guys on the show would say right before putting on their T shirts and heading out to the clubs. Well as I ran down the boardwalk tonight, I noticed a plethora of graphic t’s. I couldn’t help but hear that phrase in the back of my head throughout my exercising this evening. I rode my bike from 64th to 31st where I parked it. I then ran from 31st to 5th and back. Then biked back to 64th. I venture to say the majority of the people I passed wearing the shirts are tourists. I also would venture to guess the shirts are for sale at some of our finer retail establishments on the strip. Two young men stood out as my most favorite. Partly because of the attire they were sporting and partly because they randomly started to run and chat with me. One of them is pictured below in the lovely yellow lighthouse cardigan sporting his bare chest! Here are a few more of my favorites.

Happy T Shirt Time!









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