Proud Parents of America’s Sweetheart

I think America has a new sweetheart, 17 year old Olympic swimmer Missy Franklin.

Monday night I watched Missy Franklin swim the 200 meter free finals. She then turned around 10 minutes later and competed in the 100 meter back where she won GOLD!!! Unprecedented!

I noticed her parents sitting in the aquatic center stands. They were cheering and snapping pictures as ordinary spectators. For them at that moment, it was just their daughter swimming… At the OLYMPICS! It was such an everyday act, using their camera. It seemed so interesting to me since all media outlets were capturing and documenting their daughter’s performance. Afterwards I watched where she was reunited with her parents for the first time in 3 weeks.
They were very proud fans!!!

Who’s your biggest fan? You have heard me refer to my “Coach” aka my dad in previous blogs. For my longer more important races he is always there pacing and cheering. I guess GOLD or not, parents are always pulling for ya.

Happy cheering



Good Morning in Virginia Beach

Since this is my first post on, I thought it would be appropriate to post an entry that really describes what future blogs will be about, the love I have for both Virginia Beach and running! Saturday morning I ran like I normally do. As you may know from previous Runner Girl posts, I was experiencing extreme muscle fatigue in my legs last week. Saturday’s run was strictly for a recovery. I didn’t time myself or aim for a certain pace. I knew I needed to log between 4-5 miles to stay on pace with my training schedule for the Rock n Roll relay. I will be running the second leg or relay team She Rocks, He Rolls as I have done for the past 2 years. Get ready Dad!  

I began the morning workout with some heavy stretching at home. I then biked down to the North End of the boardwalk. I locked up my bike and did some more stretching. I was armed with a new playlist set and was ready to settle in for a comfortable and easy jog. I ran south to about 9th street. I passed several other runners, lots of walkers, a roller skater, some bikers, and one kid coming out of his hotel restaurant who smelled sweetly of syrup!!!! Yum!!! I then turned around and headed back to my bike, which put me somewhere around 4 1/2 miles for the day.  By the time I fisnished, my legs already felt better than they did at the start. The run was enjoyable due to the sights, sounds, smells, and some partly cloudy skies early in the morning. The temperatures were a bit coller than earlier in the week as well. I enjoyed my morning time on the boardwalk. It was a good morning in Virginia Beach!!!



Happy Running



79pt Amrap

Thursday morning. Early call! I was in the middle of a lovely REM cycle when my alarm sounded at 5:35. I popped up out of bed and started my coffee. I was quickly out of the house and in my trainers driveway by 6:15. My regular Thursday morning workout buddies weren’t there today 😦 I was joined by two new 79pt buddies. We began our 25 minute Amrap ( as many rounds as possible). I have come to love the 300 meter row. I think I would utilize a rower if I had one. It’s a nice break for my legs by still being able to burn calories! As I focused on my rowing round, I listened to the chatter around me on top of Colbie Caillat playing in the background. It occurred to me that my trainer must be a vault of information. It reminded me of the old fashioned beauty salons! Everything from lululemon fashion to relationships. Whew if her walls could talk. Love getting my wod on along with some gal time!

I was glad to get the workout done early in the day because the heat wave is back! Ugh!

We lasted 2 rounds of each below in 25 minutes

300 meter row
Jumping Pullups
Wall balls

300 meter row
Push press with 8lbs
Air squats

Happy Amrap-ing!



Great Dates are Worth Keeping

Great dates are worth keeping! No matter who it’s with or where it is. Last night I had a “date night” with some great friends. Even with a crazy rain storm moving in, nothing could stop me from catching up with some of my favs. A perfect impromptu after work happy hour at the new Ultra Martini Lounge. It’s located inside the new Oceanaire Hotel along the Virginia Beach boardwalk. I recommend the Vegetarian Martini made with cucumber vodka and a salt and pepper rimmed glass. Delicious and just strong enough! I definitely left with a smile on my face 🙂

Tonight was a “date night” of a different kind. A date with myself along one of my most favorite places, back to the boardwalk. Even though I wasn’t feeling quite my best today and had a long list of things to do, I knew I couldn’t pass up this opportunity. Sometimes great dates are just worth keeping no matter what may try to get in the way. There was finally a break in the heat wave we have been experiencing, which lead to a gorgeous day. I thought I would risk parking in my usual metered spot on 40th street, even though Monday I got a parking ticket
I started from the end of the boardwalk and headed south. I wasn’t timing myself. Just a steady jog. I couldn’t ask for anything more. The weather was perfect. The sky was clear. Low humidity and the sun was going down. That left the perfect amount of shade for me to run in on the boardwalk. The mood music on my iPod was killer. A little Temper Trap, a little Luke Bryan, and of course Flo Rida. It was perfect “me” time. I was able to make it just past the pier before turning around and heading back. 3 and 1/2 miles before making it back to the car…and no ticket! Not a bad deal. Some left leg pain in my quad. Not sure what that’s about, but still worth the run. Overall a nice evening! It’s one date I always look forward to repeating 🙂

Happy Dating







Vacation…all I ever wanted

Vacation by the Go-Go’s seems to be a perfect song choice for today’s blog. Living at the oceanfront, it is easy to pretend that at times I’m on vacation. Sometimes after a rough or tough day, when I hit the boardwalk, I try to fade out for a few minutes. I try to blend in with the tourists and other visitors. I look out at the ocean, the hotels, the food stands, and the shops and fantasize about being away, if only for a few minutes. Today I was zoomed out doing just that.

A 3 mile tempo run from the north end of the boardwalk to the pier and back. Sweat pouring and music blasting! The cares, stress, and successes of the day melt away in the 97 degree heat. It wasn’t as fast as I hoped. I even walked a bit. But it was the short break from reality at the end of my day. It was just what I needed to channel my energy and take a break.

And wouldn’t you know as I reached my car to leave there was a parking ticket. With 5 empty parking spots the attendant couldn’t let my expired meter alone. What are ya going to do?!?!

Happy parking





Allen Stone

Saturday July 21,2012. A rainy morning in Virginia Beach. I was up early just like clockwork. Another 5k on the schedule, Allen Stone. This race means a lot to our local Virginia Beach community. Having a large military population here, the death of a soldier or Seal can hit home for many. This race was to honor Allen Stone, a fallen Seal, and many others.

Normally I ride my bike down to the boardwalk for the races, but the rain didn’t look inviting. Luckily my friends Heather and Thao picked me up on their way.

We got there in plenty of time to see all the pre race festivities. The reading of the names of fallen heroes 😦 We witnessed the American flag being dropped in by the Leap Frogs. It was a very moving and motivating race opener.

By 7:45, all runners were psyched up and ready to go. There were several events at the Allen Stone. A run/swim/run, 5k, and 1 mile fun run. Team Hoyt was there participating in all events as well. The ocean was ripping and looked to pose a challenge for those uber fit athletes competing in the run/swim/run. It was cloudy and humid, but the rain had stopped. I was participating in the 5k. A start at 31st street for an out and back turn around at 8th street. If you’ve been following, you know I’ve been working on my speed. Tempo runs and speed workouts! The last 5k I ran just under 27. I was hoping to do at least that again. As the race began, I took off pretty good out of the gate rounding out mile 1 at 8:08. I settled in at a comfortable pace listening to a great playlist shuffle of Fleetwood Mac and some old school metal! I finished the 5k with an official race time of 25:55! I was thrilled. It would put me as a finisher in the top 100 out if 400 participants and 5th in my age group.

After the race we were treated to complimentary bloody Mary’s and swag by Tito’s Vodka. We tried to work out a temporary sponsorship 🙂 Team picture below!

After the awards, we enjoyed an after party and a fun lunch with friends! Overall a great race from the festivities, the fun, and the results!!!









Thursday WOD

Late to sleep last night. But nevertheless, 5:30 am and my body woke itself up. Time for some coffee and some 79pt!

I love the gals in my class. There were 3 of us there today. There’s always some good chit chatting going on. It makes the already quick workout go by so fast!

Today’s WOD consisted of the famous weighted medicine ball and is as follows:
Run with ball
15 burpees
15 weighted air squats with ball
15 abs
15 pushups

4 rounds. 30 some minutes.

All 3 of us were soaked and dirty! Back home to grab another cup of coffee, a shower, and my heels and out to start the day.

Feeling great!!!
Only side effect is that my stomach has been growling all day! I’m usually starving all day in Thursday’s.

Now rest for this evening. No workouts planned for tomorrow. Saturday morning I will be running a local 5k. The Allen Stone on the boardwalk!




Hot Child in the City

“Danger in the shape of somethin’ wild
Stranger dressed in black, she’s a hungry child
No one knows who she is or what her name is
I don’t know where she came from or what her game is”

Hot child in the city
Hot child in the city
Runnin wild looking pretty
Hot child in the city

I couldn’t help but think of this song today as I ran. I have always loved this song since the days of Carrie Bradshaw and Sex and The City.

It was hot today and I was just trying to just get through. Running through a sea of tourists and crazies!

Instead of running to the boardwalk or even biking there, today I drove. It was so hot. My legs were still a little sore from my 6 miler this past Saturday. Today I jogged an easy speed 3 miles. I stopped about halfway through to take a water break from one of the boardwalk water fountains! I know…YUCK! It was so warm. My visor, sunglasses, and dry-fit clothes didn’t hardly help. As I headed back north towards my car my knee and foot began to twinge. I started to have thoughts of complaining run through my head. Then I was passed on the bike path by a man with a prosthetic leg. He was biking with his family and he had a big smile. I quickly rid myself of any negative thoughts that were trying to creep in.

I finished my run at the end of the boardwalk. And returned to my car as one hot and sweaty child in the city!


Grateful for cloud cover on a humid morning

Grateful for a new playlist: including Stevie Nicks, M83, and Matisyahu

Grateful for new running shorts

Grateful for a 6 mile run

Grateful for a chance meeting on the road with my trainer and having
her run me in

Grateful for an email from a friend

Grateful for the cardinal in the backyard

Grateful for a beach date with one of my favorite gals

Grateful for the crab we found sitting next to us

Grateful for a summer rain storm

Grateful for new friends

Grateful for the ones not so new

Grateful for Stevie Nicks LIVE!






79pt amrap

Not much sleep, but up and getting to it early. Weekly Thursday morning 79pt. With my almost daily running, my schedule can only seem to fit in 1 day a week of 79pt. I know it would benefit me to do more. So every Thursday I try to get as much out of the WOD as possible. This week an amrap. What is an amrap? As Many Rounds As Possible.

5 participants in the workout. The rower would be the pacer for rotation.

The amrap below:

Row 300 meters
K2E (knee to elbows)
Basic abs
Push press (8lbs)
Box dips

25 minutes

We completed 4 total rounds in the allotted 25 minutes.

Great calorie burn and just sore enough!!!! 🙂

I did indulge in some beer and chips last night with friends! Should’ve forgone those…the drinks not the friends 🙂