Shirts or skins

Shirts or skins? I need your input readers, especially from you gals. When it’s this hot do you run sans shirt? Guys have the luxury of running without. Living at the beach where everyone is in a swimsuit anyway, what’s the difference? Even when I’m running the boardwalk with a bra top and shorts, i have on more clothes than most people down there. Trust me I’m not doing it for any other reason than less is more in this heat. Ok maybe a little part of me likes getting the sun on my stomach and back during my runs. Today when I ran I went skins. I sported the running bra top and shorts. I do always make sure the sports bra is supportive and appropriate for running. Bra 1/2 shirts are great as well.

In high school I remember during track practice we were repeatedly reprimanded for only wearing our sports bras. Us gals quickly learned to get out for our long run far from school property and loose the shirts!

I recommend the following brands:
lulu lemon

I am curious to get your thoughts and opinions on this issue. Inappropriate or not? Hot or not? Practical or not?

Happy bra-ing!





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