Runner Girl to Walker Girl

What to do when it’s so hot?!?! Today is a day off from work and couldn’t justify not getting a workout in. Yesterday was my day of rest from exercise, so I wanted to sweat today. Also I treated myself to a couple cocktails last night and wanted to sweat them out. Well sweat them out I did!!!

This morning was overcast. The clouds started to burn off by noon. That was about the time I jumped on my bike and headed south to the boardwalk. I made sure I was well hydrated and dressed in light colored clothes. I put on my visor and shades before heading out. I figured I would bike to about 31st street, park the bike then get in some power walking. I parked at 30th and started out running south. I ran slow and steady. I wasn’t worried about time. I ran to 5th street where I stopped, grabbed some water and wiped myself down. I was soaked. I noticed I had paced at about a 10 minute mile. I then continued my jogging back north until I hit the pier. This was a three mile run. I still had a mile to go to get back to my bike. I decided a nice walk back was plenty. I took a few minutes to stretch and regroup before biking back to 64th. It was a good workout for a hot day.

Always be aware of your weather conditions. Don’t push yourself. Walking is a great workout! Not everyday has to be the best burn!

Happy walking





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