To The Narrows

Sunday evening and getting ready for my return to reality on Monday morning. I had most of the last week off. As you noticed from the blogs this week, there was a lot of activity going on. The start to a perfect day for me usually consists of some sort of exercise. I had an opportunity to do that a lot last week without having to rush to work. Today was no exception. I went to bed at a reasonable hour last nite, knowing I wanted to get up this morning and run. I decided I would do my run in the shade of the park. The park close to my house is First Landing State Park. It literally is right out the door. Here on the East Coast we were again being treated to severely hot temperatures. Due to the heat, I quickly got out of bed this morning when I woke up at 7:15. I was out the door and pounding the pavement by 7:50. I ran into the park about 2 miles on the paved road until I reached a part of the park known as the Narrows. It’s called this because it is a narrow passage of water where Linkhorn Bay and Broad Bay meet. I paused and snapped a few shots featured below. I then headed back to the house on the trail that runs parallel to the road. It’s a great trail because it follows the coastline of the beach along the Narrows. I tacked on another mile through the North End after exiting the park. The run totaled out just under 5 miles. I ran for 46 minutes. I felt surprisingly good on the run, even after the 2 large gin and tonics I made at the house last night 🙂

After the run I hoped on my bike and met a friend on the boardwalk for beach church and breakfast.

I spent the rest of the day soaking in a few more rays off the beach. It was a great end to my stay cation. It will be tough getting back on track this Monday morning. I’ll be trading in the flops for heels!

Happy Monday




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