The Fighter

Have you ever been in a fighting mood? I don’t mean fighting physically. I mean the kind of day where you may be fighting different types of battles. It could be a battle within yourself. A
battle at work, or within your family. With your guy, or with a friend.
Maybe you are just feeling like you have no control. Well ok all you control freaks out there, the one thing you will always have control over is the intensity of your run. I wasn’t necessarily in the
“fighting mood” per say today. But I did find myself in a slight battle against mother nature this afternoon when I was heading home. The weather reports were ominous and we were under a severe thunderstorm warning. Blah, blah, blah!!! You know from previous blogs, I will not run in thunder and lightning. But I do not mind running in the rain. There was a quick shower with booms late in the day today.
Right around 5:00pm, I caught a glimpse of the sun and knew it was my
chance to get the run in.

I drove down to the boardwalk. I didn’t want to be to far from home in
the event the storms returned. The workout on tap today was a tempo
run of 3 miles. I have been having success with these workouts the
more I do them. I feel my endurance is better. I also feel like a stronger runner and more conditioned than I did before I started some of this speed work. As I approached the boardwalk to begin, I could the red flags up on the lifeguard stands. The water was not inviting.
The sky also looked a bit iffy. It was a good thing a tempo run was in
order. Like it or not, I was going to have to run fast to beat the clouds.

I actually timed myself today. The 3 mile tempo run came in right
under 27 minutes. Not bad! I was channeling all those battles within

I listened to the new single by The Gym Class Heroes. Appropriately it is titled
“There GoesThe Fighter”. The song was a great motivator and today it happened to play as my last song. It brought me in at a nice clip.

I thought I would include part of the chorus for you. The lyrics were very apropos.

Give em hell, turn their heads
Gonna live life ’til we’re dead.
Give me scars, give me pain
Then they’ll say to me, say to me, say to me
There goes the fighter, there goes the fighter
Here comes the fighter
That’s what they’ll say to me, say to me, say to me,
This one’s a fighter

I recommend downloading this song and putting it into your running
playlist ASAP!

Use whatever battles or fights you have within you as motivation to train. Fight for anything that’s worth it!
Channel that energy into something positive. After my run today I felt
very empowered!

And by the way….it didn’t even storm!

Happy Fighting 🙂 🙂





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