Thursday WOD

Late to sleep last night. But nevertheless, 5:30 am and my body woke itself up. Time for some coffee and some 79pt!

I love the gals in my class. There were 3 of us there today. There’s always some good chit chatting going on. It makes the already quick workout go by so fast!

Today’s WOD consisted of the famous weighted medicine ball and is as follows:
Run with ball
15 burpees
15 weighted air squats with ball
15 abs
15 pushups

4 rounds. 30 some minutes.

All 3 of us were soaked and dirty! Back home to grab another cup of coffee, a shower, and my heels and out to start the day.

Feeling great!!!
Only side effect is that my stomach has been growling all day! I’m usually starving all day in Thursday’s.

Now rest for this evening. No workouts planned for tomorrow. Saturday morning I will be running a local 5k. The Allen Stone on the boardwalk!





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